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Who is Carla?
I am a very down-to-earth young lady who loves to meet new people and live life to the full. I love being a masseuse and I find it very rewarding as I get great satisfaction from making people happy. I enjoy living an active and healthy lifestyle and work out regularly to keep my body looking sexy.

I'm currently living and studying in London saving up for a trip round the world, something I always wanted to do! I love music, so festivals and gigs are always a win, I also own a vinyl collection which is ever growing...

People always comment about my smile and I often get told a lot that I look exactly like my photos..

Facts: Happy, cheeky, petite, 25 yo.
Books: High Fidelity, The Hobbit, About A Boy, Lost Art Of Keeping Secrets, The Beach.
Films: Leon, Knocked Up, Amelie, Breakfast Club, High Fidelity.
Music: Jazz & Classical Music


Erotic Body-on-Body with Happy Ending

A great place to start, this highly erotic form of massage is done completely in the nude, allowing our energies to intertwine so that we may achieve the maximum amount of transference between the two of us. Erotic and relaxing, this session is ideal for the workaholic or man-on-the-go in need of a little respite from the world.

I apply generous amounts of naturally unscented oils to both of our bodies with long, sensuous strokes. Then, I use my entire body to massage yours. This is not merely me rubbing my breasts on you (although I do that too!), or turning you into a Slip N Slide. This is slow, sexy and indulgent. Your body is my canvas, and by utilizing my whole body, I am able to hit a multitude of pressure (and pleasure) points simultaneously, resulting in the most ecstatic experience.

The erotic massage terminates with lingham massage -- Happy Ending (Skillfully administred Hand Relief), which is just to complement the deep relaxation of a massage, and aimed at achieving that full feeling of ecstasy .

The creativity and energy flow during these sessions are always extraordinary. Try it now!


Mutual Massage - Pleasure Both ways (includes Assisted Shower, Nude Body-2-Body and Mutual Intimate Massage)

My ultimate desire is to provide you with an authentic and honest intimate experience.

The Mutual Massage is an intense journey of mutual pleasure, I will perform a full body-to-body erotic massage in which you will share a series of erotic positions, in order to experience the most intimate and beautiful mutual sensuality. During the massage you'll hear my breath in your ear, my breasts stroking your back, my hands and mouth discovering every inch of your body. Afterwards there will be a face-to-face body-to-body and mutual stroking with the hands and mouth over each other's body.


Dinner VIP Date

An old-fashioned dinner date is my favorite so we can get to know one another on an intellectual and sensual level. I dress discreetly and will blend in seamlessly as if we were an authentic couple or a business colleague. During our date, I prefer to let a gratifying connection unfold naturally. I truly listen with respect, discretion, and understanding. I genuinely enjoy pleasuring my clients and trying new experiences. My promise to you is to make you feel relaxed, pampered, and satiated. My ability to put you at ease is often seen as my 'Super Power'.

What you'll notice about me is that I naturally have a joy for life with no negative hang ups. I am also extraordinarily sensual and in completely in touch with my sexuality and femininity. My background in massage therapy gives me the joy to stimulate, excite, and delight every nerve ending on your skin. I love to tempt and tease and satisfy - when you're with me it's all about you...

I believe I am a genuine person who really wants to please. I am at my best when I am comfortable, so I offer only services I am comfortable with. This ensures we have a mutually pleasurable experience.

Rates & Packages

Visiting You - FirstClass
Erotic Body-on-Body Massage with Happy Ending:
60 minutes: £160
90 minutes: £220
120 minutes: £280

Visiting You - SpecialDelivery
Mutual Massage - Pleasure Both Ways - includes Assisted Shower, B2B both ways!, Happy Ending:
*ORAL is also available (at my discretion)
60 minutes: £200
90 minutes: £280
120 minutes: £360

Visiting You - DinnerVIPrime
VIP Dinner Date - includes a lovely Dinner Date followed by my special VIP Mutual Massage:
Up to 4 hours: £600

Note: I don't offer Full Service! Please don't ask! Outcalls Only!
I'm ONLY available to VISIT you at your HOTEL in Central London Zones 1 & 2

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I'm ONLY available to VISIT you at your HOTEL in Central London Zones 1 & 2 (please allow 2 hours notice although I may be able to make it sooner).

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